Passenger Guide Designed and Manufactured by 247GT Ltd


Passenger Guide Trolley Style 1

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Passenger guide

Designed and Manufactured by 247GT Ltd in the UK our Passenger guide is used for the marshalling of passengers safely during the aircraft boarding process.  
They are deployed to prevent unauthorised passengers  and personnel from passing under the wing of the aircraft.
They must remain in place for the duration of the aircraft turnaround.

Passenger guide trolley (pig) with 2 x roll out tapes and space for storage.

This passenger guidance system is a robust and safe solution that guides passengers when boarding and disembarking the plane, ensuring that dangerous under-wing areas are kept clear, putting safety first.

Quick and easy to set-up, the guidance system saves airline operators both time and money by only requiring one person to operate, as well as reducing waiting times by guiding passengers efficiently to and from the plane.