LD3 Container Dolly for ULD Containers LD1 LD2 LD3 AKH



LD3 Container Dolly for ULD Containers LD1 LD2 LD3 AKH

Our LD3 Container Dolly for the transportation of LD1 LD2 LD3 ULD and AKH Aircraft Baggage and Cargo Containers.


360 degree rotating load-platform.   With auto-locking at every 90 degrees.  The auto lock is released by using a foot pedal on either side.

Two rows of rollers with a central walkway.  Side guides with tapered lead in at both ends.  The side guides incorporate the vertical restraints.

There are roll over end stops at both ends of the platform.  The end stops rise automatically as the can passes over.  The intermediate (LD2) end-stop is raised & lowered by manually-operated levers at each side of the platform.

Unladen Weight

671 kgs.

Carrying Capacity

1680 kgs. at speeds of 24 kph

Running Gear

The Four Wheels are 400 x 8 solid, flat or patterned.


On front wheels via turntable mounted on a heavy-duty zinc-plated ball bearing ring.


The parking brake operates on the front wheels.  The parking brake is operated by automatic latching system when the tow-bar is in the raised position.

Standard Couplings

The Tow Bar has a grip-handle.  The forged-steel eye has a 64mm diameter hole and a ring section diameter of 24 mm.  The tow-bar cannot hit the ground if allowed to fall.  The rear hitch has a sprung safety-latch.

Standard Finish

Double paint coat as per customer requirement.  High-Visibility markings on surround-frame corners and both sides of tow-bar.

The dolly is stack-able up to four high via locations built on the chassis frame.

Options and Extras

Alternative couplings.

Special corporate or identification markings.

Additional Visibility Markings

Specifications to suit Client’s particular applications

LD4 Container Dolly

LD4 Container Dolly