Splitter Adaptor for training Aircraft Ground Crew



Splitter Adaptor for training Aircraft Ground Crew

The Splitter Adaptor for training Aircraft Ground Crew.  The splitter enables the trainer to monitor communications between trainee and flight deck.  It is important during training of aircraft pushback procedures the trainer can monitor the trainee.  It is essential the trainee gives clear and precise instruction to the fight deck.  At the same time it is important that the trainee ground crew understand the instructions given to them.  Enabling them to supervise and carry out a safe and correct pushback and engine start procedure.

Extension Lead Ground Crew Headset

ground crew headset extension lead

Using the splitter with the ground crew extension lead the trainer can plug into the same cable.  The trainer also has the facility to speak to the flight deck to give information whilst connected to the splitter.

The trainer can also monitor the instruction given to the pushback driver by the trainee headset operative to make sure they understand the commands given by the flightdeck.